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Italian Food being cooked

About Brotelli Pasta Bar

Like many Italian families, food plays a BIG role in our daily lives. Being born in a family of restaurateurs was both a blessing and a curse - especially when the restaurant was one of Montreal's most popular and authentic Italian establishments. Family dinners could easily be ruined if the wrong ingredient was or wasn't chosen! To know the roots behind Brotelli Pasta Bar, you need to go way back -- we're talking 70’s back. In 1978, our grandfather Giuseppe Napolitano opened Casa Napoli restaurant.  It was quickly recognized as Montreal’s hot spot and attracted celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood and Wayne Gretzky to name a few.

As the decades went along, the family’s passion for delicious Italian food never diminished and was clearly passed on to the both of us. What we noticed while working in the financial industry was that the Italian quick service experience was lacking, dull and boring. Enough was Enough!!

We took it amongst ourselves to create a young and energetic quick service concept. Our mission is to provide clients with the numerous flavours and aromas that have made Italian pasta, coffees and delicacies so renowned around the world. Welcome to Brotelli Pasta Bar!

Buon Appetito!

Joey & Orlando

Born Canadian, Raised Italian!

photograph of  Joey and Orlando Brotelli with Chef Aprons on.
creatively displayed plasta and peppercorn
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